2022 Pro Bono Honor Roll

Download a copy of the 2022 Honor Roll

The Mecklenburg Access to Justice Pro Bono Partners Program of Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and Legal Aid of North Carolina-Charlotte is pleased to recognize our committed pro bono attorneys who donated at least 20 hours of service or closed three or more cases for our clients in 2021.

Individuals with an asterisk completed more than 50 hours of pro bono service in 2021.

Congratulations and thank you to the dedicated legal professionals listed below. Each of you has played a key role in helping our agencies provide access to justice to low-income clients in our community.

Vince Altamura

Andrew D. Atkins*

Keith Atkinson

Cynthia A. Aziz

Luis F. Benavides

Demian J. Betz

Christopher J. Brady*

Stephanie K. Briggs-Evans

Leslie Samuel Bright III

Tiffany Angela Marie Byrd

Amanda M. Colley

G. Lee Cory, Jr.

Peter J. Covington

Kevin L. Denny*

Courtney M. Duncil

Richard L. Farley

John J. Feliciano-Acosta

Christopher J. Fernandez

Faye Ann Flowers*

Kiah T. “Chip” Ford IV

Jordan Grace Forsythe

Jasmine K Gardner

Christian K Glista*

Nitin Kumar Goyal*

Lara Ann Greenberg

William N. Harris*

Charles C. Harris

Christopher A. Hicks

Anna M. Holloway

James D. Horne Jr.

Fred William Irving

Paul Kinney*

Heryka Rodriguez Knoespel

Abbey M. Krysak

Matthew Robert Lancaaster

Rene J. LeBlanc-Allman

Nicholas H. Lee

Dana Lumsden

Kayla McCann Marty

Thomas E. McNeill

Emma Claire Merritt

Elena Faria Mitchell

Rebecca A. Moriello

Kevin Patrick Murphy

Raja Nader*

Raj Natarajan

Lara Simmons Nichols

Edward M. Nogay

Olabisi Ayodele Ofunniyin

Fern A. Paterson

Kim Brett Perez*

William Carl Petraglia

Kevin Pratt

Susan Courtright Rodriguez

Melissa A. Romanzo

Robert J. Roth

Gabriela Sampaio

Jocelyn Singletary

Lindsey Laughridge Smith*

David L. Sobul

Jennifer M. Stevens*

W. Todd Stillerman

Nadira Swinton

Elizabeth McLellan Thomas

Daniel S. Trmmer

Robert Kent Warren

Mark S. Wierman

William Michael Zoffer*

North Carolina attorney volunteers!

Be sure to report your pro bono hours to the N.C. Pro Bono Resource Center to be recognized with your colleagues statewide for your service. Visit ncprobono.org/volunteer/ to learn more about the N.C. Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1 and statewide pro bono initiatives.

Attorneys who report at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services in a year will be inducted into the NC Pro Bono Honor Society and receive a certificate from the Supreme Court of North Carolina recognizing their service. Learn more and report your hours at https://ncprobono.org/report/.