Criminal Record Expunctions

Through our Community Empowerment Project, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy helps low-income North Carolina residents get their criminal records expunged, allowing them to overcome significant barriers to economic stability and opportunity.  More than one in five North Carolinians has a criminal record. Too often, individuals are automatically denied employment, housing, and other opportunities, based on past involvement with the criminal justice system, including dismissed charges and long-ago convictions.  

What is involved: 

We obtain the client’s criminal record and determine which charges or convictions are eligible for expunction. 

Once that determination is made, we assign the case the pro bono attorney to take the following steps: 

  1. Discuss the plan with the client; 
  1. Prepare the petition or petitions; 
  1. Prepare any necessary supporting documents (sometimes Affidavits of Good Character are required) 
  1. File the petitions and supporting documents (some counties require in person filing, some allow filing by mail.) 
  1. Attend a hearing if necessary (some counties require a hearing and some do not) 

Total time commitment: less than five hours over 6-9 month period (unless travel is required.) 
You must be licensed in North Carolina to handle an expunction case.  

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