Who we are


Our mission is to pursue justice for those in need.

Our vision is to build a just community …

where all people are treated fairly and have access to legal representation to meet their basic human needs of safety, security and stability.

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy helps people in the Charlotte, North Carolina, region who cannot afford legal services, but desperately need them. Without legal representation in civil matters, thousands of families can lose access to financial security, healthcare, housing and opportunity.

The impact goes far beyond our neighbors in need. It affects our entire community.

Since 1967, our staff and pro bono attorneys have provided comprehensive civil legal services for our region’s low-income residents. We accomplish our mission through a variety of advocacy strategies, including individual advice and representation, community education and outreach, representation of groups, self-help remedies, collaboration with other agencies, community economic development, legislative and administrative advocacy, and impact litigation.

The need is everywhere.

That’s why Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is here.

  • We serve over 5,000 individuals each year facing a crisis of safety, shelter, health or income. More than 300,000 people in our region are eligible for our services and in need of legal assistance, but are unable to afford private lawyers.
  • We are the largest provider of legal assistance in Mecklenburg County improving access to healthcare for low-income and vulnerable populations.
  • We are the largest non-profit provider of representation in the Charlotte immigration court in all of North and South Carolina.
  • We provide committed advocacy work on behalf of clients, resulting in policy changes at the local and national level that lead to positive outcomes.

When people with severe illnesses need healthcare coverage —
When homeowners are on the brink of foreclosure —
When disabled veterans cannot obtain their benefits —
When immigrants are in danger of exploitation —

There is a place to turn.
A place that has served for more than 50 years as a beacon of hope and a tireless champion for our diverse and growing population.
A place where legal staff and volunteer attorneys and advocates fight to protect the fundamental rights of all.

Justice lives here.

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