Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is a champion for those in need, ensuring their safety, security and stability. 

Whether you give to honor a family, to fuel the next breakthrough with client success stories, or to make the world a better place – everyone is bound together by hope, optimism, and an unrelenting drive towards influential change. We are grateful for your generosity and transforming our region for everyone to receive proper care.

Justice lives here.

The Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy operates with a fraction of the administrative and infrastructure expenses of other comparable public charities. We pride ourselves on constructing the shortest distance possible between means and needs. The Advocacy Center is positioned as the main hub for receiving proper care, resources, and legal support.

In 2022, we unveiled our new facility – a modern, efficient, and dignified legal justice center, where the community can receive a full panel of civil legal assistance. These funds allow our organization to exist in a central hub for our clients to access with ease and support our operating expenses.

The Advocacy Center and Legal Aid of North Carolina-Charlotte help people who can’t afford legal services, but desperately need them. Through the Access to Justice Campaign, you will help us provide the legal resolutions that protect access to healthcare, affordable housing, food security, and economic stability.

Our home preservation services help homeowners save their homes, where possible, and preserve already existing affordable housing when they are in danger of losing their home. The consumer protection program serves those who are the victims of scams or predatory behavior in our community. Your support will help sustain these critical programs that protect our neighbors.  

Among those most vulnerable to exploitation in our community are immigrant children and their families. Human trafficking, domestic abuse and discrimination are all significant issues affecting local immigrant populations, and vital services are often out of reach for those whose immigration statuses are insecure. Your support enables us to offer legal services to immigrants regardless of status, to ensure that vulnerable families are protected and receive fair treatment under the law.

Our Legal Services for the Elderly program provides free estate planning for Mecklenburg County residents aged 60+. This program also conducts community outreach and provides community legal education to senior citizens and to the staff of other agencies. Your support enables us to provide additional services to seniors in our community, including assistance with home foreclosures, exploitation, and unfair debt collection practices.

How else can I support Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy?

You can make a tax-deductible contribution at any point during the year.

Mail a gift: Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, c/o Christine Medina, PO Box 25558, Charlotte, NC 28229

Stock: We accept stock donations through our FFTC funding.

Honorariums or Memorials: Consider making a gift to support the Advocacy Center in honor or in memorial of a co-worker, friend or family member.

Contact Renee Richards, Chief Advancement Officer, at 980-202-7329 to make a gift over the phone or for more information about making a contribution.