Toussaint C. Romain to join Advocacy Center as Chief Executive Officer

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is pleased to introduce Toussaint C. Romain as our new Chief Executive Officer, effective May 16, 2022.  Toussaint’s experience, leadership, and passion for justice will serve the Advocacy Center well as it enters a new chapter of impact and growth.  As always, the organization remains dedicated to providing legal representation to those who are unable to afford it, while also acknowledging the impact that legal access can have on economic opportunity and mobility within the Charlotte community. The Advocacy Center’s commitment to systemic advocacy shall continue.

“Our board of directors is very excited to work with a servant leader as passionate, engaging, and energetic as Toussaint. After an extensive search, we are confident Toussaint is the right person to build upon the advocacy, services and support provided by our dedicated legal staff and volunteer attorneys for more than 50 years.  We trust that he will expand the reach and impact of the Advocacy Center’s mission and vision to pursue justice for those in need, providing access to legal representation to meet our clients’ basic human needs of safety, security, and stability,” says John Grupp, President, Board of Directors.    

Before joining the Advocacy Center, Toussaint worked most recently as the Deputy General Counsel for Appalachian State University, one of the University of North Carolina system institutions. Prior to that, Toussaint spent ten years as an Assistant Public Defender in Mecklenburg County, representing thousands of individuals through this work.  He has led legal trainings and taught courses in Constitutional Law and Mass Incarceration. In addition, Toussaint has served as a national speaker presenting on issues of Leadership, Systemic Racism & Sexism and Criminal Justice Reform to legal professionals, systems’ leaders, and corporate executives. Prior to earning his law degree in 2007, Toussaint worked for federal prosecutors, federal and state judges, large law firms, the National Institute of Justice, and U.S. Senator John Edwards.

“I am excited, yet humbled, to serve as the CEO of Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy,” said Toussaint.  “I am passionate about indigent defense and systemic advocacy. I have devoted my life and profession to this type of work and I look forward to joining a team at the Advocacy Center that shares my passion. There is so much that we can accomplish – together. The impact that we will make for our clients while also creating access to upward mobility is invigorating. It will be our legacy and I cannot wait to begin!”

Toussaint will be assisted through the transitional process by Jean Pudlo, interim Executive Director.