Pro Bono Honor Roll 2019

The Mecklenburg Access to Justice Pro Bono Partners Program of Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and Legal Aid of North Carolina-Charlotte is pleased to recognize our committed pro bono attorneys on its annual Pro Bono Honor Roll.

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Pro Bono Honor Roll 2019

This list recognizes local attorneys who donated at least 20 hours of service or closed three or more cases for our clients in 2018.

Thank you to these dedicated legal professionals who have given their time and expertise to serve our community!

Each of you has played a key role in helping our agencies ensure ALL people have access to justice through legal representation.

Stephen D. Allred
Blas P. Arroyo
Keith F. Atkinson
Patricia V. Baker
Linda Elise Boss
Barry S. Burke
William M. Butler
Jazmin G. Caldwell
Emily Lynn Cantrell
Avery Devin Catlin
L. Cameron Caudle Jr.
P. Mercer Cauley
Graham H. Claybrook
Shelly Davis Cole
G. Lee Cory
Alexander Carter Covington
Robert Kader Crawford
Matthew H. Crow
Josef C. Culik
Heather W. Culp
Joshua D. Davey
Stephen Thomas Denmark
Kathleen H. Dooley
Timothy Scott Emry
Landon S. Eustache
John A. Fagg Jr.
Ramona Farzad
Daniel J. Finegan
Walter D. Fisher Jr.
Douglas R. Ghidina
David P. Ginzer
Christian K. Glista
Kimberly A. Gossage
Stephanie E. Greer Fulcher

David Alan Griffin
Ariel E. Harris
Alexandra Jacqueline Hirsch
Brett Alan Hubler
Fielding E. Huseth
Ann-Rose Marie
David H. Jones
Stuart Manly Jones Jr.
Michael Todd Kafka
Amy P. Kaplan
Christopher B. Karlsson
Glenn E. Ketner III
Heryka Rodriguez Knoespel
Glenn G. Kunkes
Nicholas H. Lee
Francisco J. Linares
Howard Michael Lintz
Allan J. MacQuarrie
Jasmine Chloe Marchant
Thomas E. McNeill
Graham Strowd Miller
Eric William Mills
Molly Elizabeth Morgan
Robert A. Muckenfuss
Amanda J. Muehlhausen
Elizabeth A. Murphy
Thomas W. Murrell III
Amanda Pickens Nitto
Nancy Black Norelli
Paul J. Osowski
Fern A. Paterson
Kim Brett Perez
Kathleen Elizabeth Perkins
Sean F. Perrin

Henry N. Pharr III
Kevin Lee Pratt
Amanda Katherine Reasoner
Alexis N. Reynolds
Garry S. Rice
Alice Carmichael Richey
Patrick L. Ridinger
Susan Courtwright Rodriguez
Melissa A. Romanzo
Frederic Hilton Schilling
Jonathan E. Schulz
Ty Edwin Shaffer
Raleigh A. Shoemaker
Matthew R. Smith
Benjamin A. Snyder
Eric S. Spengler
Paul A. Steffens
Ryan Paul Thompson
Jeremy Bryant Tomes
Lauren Tonon
Nicolas Evan Tosco
Leslie Campbell Tucker III
Karen Vasko
Richard William Veronen Jr.
H. Landis Wade Jr.
Ann L. Warren
Kathryn G. Wellman
Abigail Forrister Williams
Susan Brown Wolfe
David Scott Wolpa
Julia Kay Wood
Richard Charles Worf Jr.
Julian H. Wright Jr.
Nancy M. Wright

North Carolina attorney volunteers!
Be sure to report your pro bono hours to the N.C. Pro Bono Resource Center to be recognized with your colleagues statewide for your service. Visit to learn more about the N.C. Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1 and statewide pro bono initiatives.

Attorneys who report at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services in a year will be inducted into the NC Pro Bono Honor Society and receive a certificate from the Supreme Court of North Carolina recognizing their service. Learn more at

Class Action Notice: Hawkins v. Cohen

Hawkins v. Cohen (5:17-CV-581 E.D.N.C.) is a federal lawsuit filed in 2017 by Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and the National Health Law Program to stop illegal terminations of Medicaid benefits in North Carolina. 

The Court hearing the case has certified it as a class action. This means that the Court’s orders protect all North Carolina Medicaid beneficiaries from having their Medicaid terminated improperly (including transfer to Medicaid that only covers family planning services). 

The Court has issued a preliminary injunction ordering the N.C. Medicaid agency and all 100 county Departments of Social Services (DSS) to stop terminating or reducing Medicaid coverage until eligibility under all Medicaid categories has been considered and advance notice of the right to a hearing has been mailed.  

The Court’s order prohibits automatic terminations without any notice by the state computer, NC FAST, because a county worker failed to process a review of the case in the month it was due. This often happens in the following circumstances:

The Order also prohibits failure to consider all Medicaid categories before Medicaid terminates. Specifically, beginning in April 2019, for persons receiving Medicaid as a child, caretaker of a child, or pregnant woman, DSS will have to send a notice giving that person the opportunity to allege disability and then apply for Medicaid based on disability even though the person already gets Medicaid. If that application based on disability is timely filed, DSS cannot terminate Medicaid for that person unless that application has been denied.  

If you have any questions about this lawsuit or about your rights, you may contact the attorneys who filed the case, the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy. You can reach these lawyers by calling this toll free number: 1-800-936-4971. You can also send the lawyers an email at

You also may contact these lawyers if you want to report that you lost your Medicaid without a decision that you were no longer eligible for Medicaid under any category or without receiving advance written notice that your Medicaid would stop. There is no cost to you for any help that these lawyers provide to you.

Hospitals Must Post Prices Online for Standard Services

CHARLOTTE, NC – It’s now easier to estimate what your hospital bill might add up to.
Since the start of the new year, a federal rule requires all hospitals to post prices for procedures online. That doesn’t include what health insurance covers.

Read more at Knocked For Glitches, Inaccurate Info By Advocacy Group

If you’re shopping for an insurance plan on, the online marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act, there’s an important feature that doesn’t always work, an advocacy group says. It sometimes gives misinformation about which doctors are in the network for each plan.