2021 Advocacy Agenda

We believe our community deserves:

Access to the Legal System
Financial Security and Family Stability
Economic Opportunity
Racial Equity
Immigrant Rights
Affordable Housing
Access to Health Care
Food Security

Download a printable list of our 2021 Advocacy Priorities here.

Access to the Legal System

  • Make our legal systems fair and accessible to all.
  • Empower and support racial equity and justice initiatives.
  • Ensure access for people for whom English is not their primary language
  • Promote universal representation in civil legal matters.
  • Restore state funding for legal service programs to expand civil legal aid across NC.

Financial Security and Family Stability

  • Reform the NC unemployment insurance program to provide financial security to workers affected by the pandemic.
  • Advocate for tax regulations that benefit low-income taxpayers, including the Earned Income
  • Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.
  • Enforce consumer rights regarding rent-to-own contracts, contracts for deeds and other alternative home-financing arrangements.
  • Secure safety and stability for immigrant victims of domestic violence and their children.
  • Remove barriers to and expand Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and other federal and state cash assistance programs.

Economic Opportunity

  • Alleviate collateral consequences of the criminal justice system to promote fair employment, housing, education, credit, and equal opportunity.
  • Expand eligibility for and access to criminal record expunction and driver’s license restoration.
  • Establish a living wage, strong workplace protections, paid sick leave, and regular schedules, especially for essential workers, to promote economic security, mobility, and independence for working people.
  • Expand immigrants’ ability to gain lawful employment.

Racial Equity

  • Expand outreach to Black, Indigenous, Latino, and other communities of color.
  • Address systemic racism in consumer matters, healthcare, access to public benefits, and other areas of our practice.
  • Protect people of color from inequities in our civil legal system.
  • Obtain and sustain stability in communities of color.

Immigrant Rights

  • Advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that recognizes the humanity and value of immigrants.
  • Expand access to affordable, reliable, high quality legal services to immigrants in removal proceedings.
  • Help unaccompanied minors and their sponsors obtain immigration relief.

Affordable Housing

  • Preserve and expand affordable housing units and prevent homeowner and tenant displacement from affordable housing.
  • Enforce CARES Act protections against mortgage foreclosure to protect home stability and generational wealth in low-income communities.
  • Fight predatory real estate investors that steal equity and displace homeowners.
  • Protect homeowners from abusive collection and foreclosure practices on the part of community associations.
  • Provide local property tax relief and public and private assistance to prevent tax foreclosures.
  • Represent immigrant tenants facing eviction and unsafe living conditions to promote housing stability, health, and wellbeing.

Access to Healthcare

  • Promote Medicaid expansion without work requirements in NC.
  • Protect and enhance the Affordable Care Act by increasing access to affordable coverage and expanding the enrollment period.
  • Ensure access to quality health care for Medicaid recipients under NC’s overhaul and privatization of the Medicaid program.
  • Eliminate barriers to care for veterans in regional VA Health Care facilities.
  • Promote timely access to care for children served by local healthcare management entities.

Food Security

  • Ease the burden of applying and recertifying for food and nutrition services.
  • Protect clients from unfair overpayment and fraud claims involving food and nutrition services.
  • Expand language services for people applying for food and nutrition services.
  • Enhance availability of Pandemic EBT and expand other programs to ensure children have access to food.
  • Restore NC’s ability to seek waiver of strict work requirements for SNAP beneficiaries.

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