2021 Access to Justice Champions

We are grateful for those who are leading the way to fund our COVID-19 effort to ensure safety, stability, and security for all during these uncertain times. Your support enables us to continue this important work and adapt to meet our community’s needs. Despite the challenges that this year has placed upon us, we know we can count on you.

These donors have contributed at the leadership level of $1,000 or more to the 2021 Access to Justice Campaign benefiting Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and Legal Aid of North Carolina and bringing over our $500,000 goal.

Mecklenburg Access to Justice Champions sticker

John Mitchell and Linda MacDonald Aberman

John A. Fagg

T. Hal Clarke

Christopher and Anne Lam

Lisa Howell

Heather and Chris Culp

Paul R. Kinny

Mary Mandeville and Kirk Keever

Heloise C. Merrill

Bank of America Corporation

David Sobul

Jason and Jennifer Schubert

Alston & Bird

Brian Hayles

David and Lyn Batty

Julian and Amy Wright

Robert and Christy Hancock

Brett and Julie A. Durham

Christine and Trevor Hoke

Stephen Luke Largess

John and Meredith Jeffries

Emily Kern and Mark Metz

Robert L. Mendenhall

D. Blaine and Ann Morgan Sanders

Sean and Jacqueline Jones 

Angela H. Zimmern

Robert and Caroline Sink

Alice Richey and David Pitser

Paul and Julia Steffens

James R. Cass

Jonathan Ferry

Patricia F. Hosmer

Peter and Anne Covington

Catherine and Jeffrey Barnes

Redding Jones, PLLC

David B. Whelpley

Stewart and Anna McQueen

Porter Durham

Allen and Jennie Robertson

Jared and Courtney Mobley

George & Deb Hanna

Lisbeth B. Schorr

The McIntosh Law Firm

Jared and Courtney Mobley

Shawn McGrath

Troutman Pepper

Robert and Alicia Hahn

Matthew Robertson

Garland and Katherine Cassada

John Allison

Mark and Kimberly Calloway

Michael and Amanda Finlon

Robert and Laurie Fisher

Sara Higgins and Ray Owens

Jane and Milburn Ratteree

James and Mary Lou Babb

John Grupp

Edward T. Hinson Jr.

Margaret and Harrison Marshall

Pender R. McElroy

Dechert LLP

John Wester

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Greer Walker LLP

Scott and LouAnn Vaughn

Brian Barger

Naho Kobayashi

Karl Horn

Peter J. McGrath, Jr.

Mark and Michelle Nebrig

Douglas W. and Tere Ey

Steven N. Cohen

Corby and James William Anderson

Mark Gosnell

Katten Muchin Rosenman

Leslee Daugherty and Roger Gilmartin

Kevin and Elizabeth Murphy

Nelson Mullins

John N. Suhr

Lisa and Ken L. Miller

Cory and Katherine Hohnbaum


Timika Shafeek-Horton

Keith F. Oberkfell

L. Cameron Caudle

Lincoln Derr

Mark Busch

W. Scott and Sharon Dove

Jessica and Burgin Hardin

J. Michael Booe and Rebecca Henderson

Jonathan P. Goldberg

Luther T. Moore

Tin, Fulton, Walker & Owen, PLLC

W. Todd & Debbie Stillerman

Kate Wellman

Sean and Jacqueline Jones

S. Benjamin Pleune

Allie Lin & Joseph Thomas

Bryon Mulligan

William C. Sloane Mayberry

Cynthia Siemasko

Bruce M. Steen

Nancy Black Norelli

McGuire Woods

My Trung Ngo

Holland and Knight

Richard Worf

Martin Brackett

Mayer Brown

Duke Energy

Nicholas Harris

Charles Alex Castle

Mayer Brown LLP

James and Mary Lou Babb

John Mitchel Aberman

Russel and Sally Robinson

Mark and Lindsay Merritt

Jameson P Wells

Alexis Iffert

John G. McDonald

Richard W. Viola

David A. Franchina

Douglass Jarrell

Matthew DeRuyter

A. Todd Brown

J. William and Susan Porter

Raj and Carter Natarajan

Charles McBrayer Sasser

Jocelyn Graham McLaughlin

Robert and Ann Cramer

Edward T. Hinson, Jr.

James Ewing

Naho Kobayashi

Staci E Rosche

David B Whelpley

Rakesh Gopalan

Brentford Martin

Katherine S Holliday

Keith Smith

Russell F Sizemore

*Donors as of March 19th, 2021*

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