Emily Edenburg

Health Insurance Navigator

Emily Edenburg serves as the Health Insurance Navigator for the Family Support and Healthcare Program at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy. Their role is to educate clients on one’s options for health insurance and assist them in applying.

Before joining the Advocacy Center in June 2023, Emily was a Territory Manager for a North Carolina based farm producing natural health products. Previously, Emily created LovelyNLocal which helped to collaborate/host free enrichment events in Charlotte for kids and families. When any plant-based food was provided, the ingredients were sourced from local farms. During Emily’s free time, Emily enjoys being outdoors (hiking, mushroom foraging, sports), writing, playing music and cooking.

Emily works for the Advocacy Center because their passion in life “Is helping others. I have dreamed of creating my own non-profit since high school and my head has been spinning since I started here with ideas for growth!”