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The number of families Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy serves each year through individual representation in the Charlotte area.

300,000 +

The number of Mecklenburg County residents who are eligible for our services and in need of legal assistance but unable to afford private lawyers.


The number of adults and children we who received free legal screenings in the Charlotte Immigration Court last year, helping them prepare for court proceedings when they cannot find or afford representation.


The amount of money Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy receives from the Legal Services Corporation. We gave up this funding to continue our committed advocacy work and service to vulnerable populations.

$9.4 m

The amount of financial benefits earned on behalf of clients through our assistance last year.


The amount of money that goes back into North Carolina’s economy for every dollar invested in legal aid providers like Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy.



Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy protects the fundamental rights of all people, using litigation and advocacy to enact policy changes at the state and national level to improve outcomes and ensure fairness under the law.

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Basic Health Insurance Terms

There are a lot of special terms in the health insurance world, and they can be difficult to understand. We’re here to help you make sense of terms you see on Healthcare.gov. If you need health insurance coverage, a Special Open Enrollment Period is open through Aug. 15, 2021. Learn more about how to get…

Action Alert: Don’t We All Deserve A More Just, Equitable Community?

Charlotte’s future is in our hands. We have an incredible opportunity to put Charlotte on the path toward equitable, long-term social and economic development.  The Charlotte City Council is considering adoption of the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan, a guiding document that will inform how our city grows over the next 20 years.  Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy applauds the critical importance the plan places on dismantling the intentional and systemic mechanisms used to…

Justice Would Bring Them Home

Friends, For the past month, many have followed the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd last May. We thank the prosecution and courageous witnesses who took the stand and recounted this traumatic event in the pursuit of justice and accountability for Floyd’s family. Yesterday, the jury unanimously convicted Chauvin on all charges—of second- and third-degree murder…

Healthcare.gov Premium Tax Credits and Filing Your 2020 Taxes

FYI, this blog post is most appropriate for those who accessed health insurance coverage through Healthcare.gov in 2020. If you started your Healthcare.gov coverage in 2021, this information does not apply. If you currently do not have health insurance, we can help! Click here to learn more and make an appointment with a health insurance…

American Rescue Plan FAQs: Stimulus Payments and Tax Updates

Since the American Rescue Plan was signed into law in March 2021, the IRS has been working to implement provisions of the law and provide guidance to make sure taxpayers can receive Economic Impact Payments (EIP or stimulus checks) and take advantage of new tax credits during this current tax season.  Below are frequently asked questions about the American Rescue Plan will impact this…

Responding to Crisis: Marking One Year of COVID-19

Last March, few imagined that our community would still be grappling with the coronavirus pandemic a year later. In many ways it seems the pandemic is nearing an end after this year of hardship and loss: vaccines for the virus are increasingly available, and cases have dropped to a point where North Carolina is easing activity restrictions.  But we are only just beginning to understand the…