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The number of families Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy serves each year through individual representation in the Charlotte area.

300,000 +

The number of Mecklenburg County residents who are eligible for our services and in need of legal assistance but unable to afford private lawyers.


The number of adults and children we who received free legal screenings in the Charlotte Immigration Court last year, helping them prepare for court proceedings when they cannot find or afford representation.


The amount of money Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy receives from the Legal Services Corporation. We gave up this funding to continue our committed advocacy work and service to vulnerable populations.

$9.4 m

The amount of financial benefits earned on behalf of clients through our assistance last year.


The amount of money that goes back into North Carolina’s economy for every dollar invested in legal aid providers like Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy.



Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy protects the fundamental rights of all people, using litigation and advocacy to enact policy changes at the state and national level to improve outcomes and ensure fairness under the law.

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NC Medicaid Managed Care – FAQs

North Carolina Medicaid Managed Care- What is it and how does it affect my Medicaid coverage? North Carolina has undergone a change in how Medicaid benefits are set-up. This change, called the Medicaid Transformation, has caused many Medicaid-eligible individuals to be switched from the traditional Medicaid Direct, managed by the state of North Carolina, to…

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Food and Nutrition Services Change: October 2021

Almost all Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) households, known as SNAP nationwide, will see a modest increase in their FNS benefits starting October 1, 2021—generally between $12 to $16 per person per month. The exact amount for individual households may be different.  These changes will be made automatically by North Carolina Department of Social Services; you do not need to take any action.    Que…

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Eviction Assistance and Resources

The eviction moratorium has ended, but there are still legal and financial resources available. We brought together Juan Hernandez, Staff Attorney, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and Erin Barbee, Senior Vice President Programs & Fund Development, DreamKey Partners, to answer common questions and share helpful information for community members facing eviction. https://youtu.be/iUOpQsYzufo Find a copy…

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Unemployment Insurance: FAQs

Where can I apply for benefits? Apply online at des.nc.gov or by phone 1-888-737-0259. The quickest way to apply is online. Why can’t I get through to the NC Division of Employment Security (“DES”) by phone? DES has a high volume of callers requiring assistance due to COVID-19. Document any attempts to contact DES by…

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Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy Launches Medicaid Storytelling

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is partnering with the National Health Law Program (NHeLP) for a Medicaid storytelling project to learn how Medicaid has impacted North Carolinians. We encourage anyone to share their experience with Medicaid, whether it is good or bad, and how having or not having Medicaid has made a difference. Those interested in participating…

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How to Make the Most Of Your Healthcare.gov Plan

You took the step to enroll for health insurance coverage using Healthcare.gov. Congratulations! You’ve joined more than 31 million people who have the peace of mind of knowing they are covered with access to preventive health care and life-saving screenings. Take advantage of free services. Preventive health services are included in every Healthcare.gov plan and are…

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