Leah Shipulski

Health Insurance Navigator

Leah Shipulski is a Health Insurance Navigator for Family Support and Health Care Program of Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy. She assists residents seeking Health Insurance services.

Before joining CCLA in April of 2021, Leah worked as a legal assistant at the Welcoming All Nationalities Network; a non-profit dealing specifically with the protection of the minoritized community of gender-based violence survivors who are also migrants. “My position required that I complete detailed and thorough research on home country persecution to support 4 asylum cases from Pakistan, Syria, and Uganda. I also composed and translated pamphlets that articulated immigrant rights regarding divorce, driving while undocumented, and gender-based violence. I also worked on a Congressional campaign in 2020 as a political organizer in New York during a global pandemic. The vast majority of my work was done virtually and remotely which allowed me to become well-versed in all things tech. Everyday, I executed a minimum of 180 recruitment calls and communicated with volunteers via text message and email; doing so gave me the confidence to correspond with the consumers at CCLA with great professionalism and confidence.” Leah graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree. She recently joined the Racial Equity Change Team at CCLA: “In my short time with the team, we have started to plan an event to build relationships with and bring our services into Black communities in Charlotte.” In her free time, Leah enjoys dancing, playing card games, and cooking for company. Leah loves working for Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy: “It’s the people; I chose to work at CCLA because we are a mission-driven human-centric team that prioritizes our consumers and our own team members. My colleagues at CCLA are supportive, yet they push me to the best version of myself so I can better serve our community.”