2020 Advocacy Agenda

We believe ALL deserve …

Access to our Legal System
Affordable Housing and Protection from Housing Displacement
To feel welcome in our community
Economic Mobility
Access to quality, affordable Heath Care
Protection from Exploitation

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Access to our Legal System

  • Support efforts to make our legal systems fair and due process accessible to all.
  • Ensure people for whom English is a second language have language access services in our courts and administrative agencies to ensure fair access to resources.
  • Promote access to universal representation in civil legal matters.
  • Restore state funding for North Carolina’s legal service organizations to expand civil legal assistance across NC.

Protect Affordable Housing and Eliminate Housing Displacement

  • Collaborate with community organizations, local government and residents to preserve affordable housing, expand opportunities for access, and prevent homeowner and tenant displacement from naturally occurring affordable housing.
  • Fight predatory real estate investors that steal equity and displace homeowners.
  • Protect homeowners from abusive collection and foreclosure practices by community associations.
  • Advocate for local property tax relief and public and private assistance to prevent property tax foreclosures, prevent displacement and preserve affordable housing.
  • Support state legislative efforts to expand property tax relief for elderly/low income and disabled veteran residents.  Support a legislative increase in Homestead property value exemption amounts to protect homes from seizure by creditors.
  • Uphold tenants’ rights through impact litigation to prevent displacement and ensure safe living conditions.

Immigrants are Welcome in Our Community

  • Challenge ICE presence in our courts and broader community by working with local partners to focus community attention on the problem and support the Protecting Sensitive Locations Act legislation that would restrict ICE activity nationally.
  • Address the practice of immigration courts in deporting crime victims and endangered children who qualify for immigration status.
  • Work to ensure the availability of asylum relief to victims of gang and domestic violence.
  • Work to require that the Charlotte Immigration Court treats people with dignity and respect and makes the court system accessible for unrepresented respondents.

Promote Economic Mobility

  • Support state legislation to expand eligibility for expunction of criminal records under N.C. law to promote access to housing and employment for ex-offenders.
  • Promote restoration of driver licenses for individuals with unpaid court debt to expand access to jobs and economic opportunity.
  • Protect consumers from predatory car transactions, car title fraud, and illegal repossessions to ensure reliable and safe transportation and protect family income and assets.
  • Protect against threats to public benefit programs from federal and state governments that destabilize families, including the recent federal rule restricting states’ ability to waive strict work requirements for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) beneficiaries.
  • Monitor changes to IRS regulations for low-income taxpayers, including the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.
  • Monitor the implementation of proposed changes to IRS regulations including the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit for low-income taxpayers.
  • Enforce consumer rights related to rent-to-own contracts, contracts for deed and other alternative home-financing arrangements.
  • Advocate for a living wage to promote economic security, opportunity, and independence for working people.
  • Advocate for policies that expand immigrants’ ability to gain lawful employment to stabilize families.

Protect and Expand Access to Health Care

  • Promote Medicaid expansion without work requirements in North Carolina.
  • Ensure access to quality health care for Medicaid recipients under North Carolina’s overhaul and privatization of the state Medicaid program.
  • Work with regional VA Health Care facilities to eliminate barriers to care for veterans.

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