What we do

Domestic Violence Protection

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy protects immigrants who are victims of exploitation and violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, human trafficking and other violent crimes, by ensuring their access to the civil and criminal court systems.

Our Immigrant Justice Domestic Violence Program provides a safe space for victims to explore their various legal remedies, including seeking a protective order against an abuser.

The program is designed to provide victims, both documented and undocumented, with an attorney advocate who can advise, support and represent them in court. Beyond legal representation at the victim’s initial Domestic Violence hearing and their Renewal Hearing, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy aims to create long-term stability for the client by addressing related legal concerns.

Continued representation includes an in-depth legal consultation to determine the appropriate avenue of immigration relief for the client, if any. In addition to direct representation, our advocates partner with community providers to find the critical services and tools, which will allow the victim and family members to begin healing. Providing these resources not only brings safety and stability to the client’s life, but also to the client’s family, which often includes children who are dependent on the client’s well-being.