Kiara Vega

Kiara Vega is a staff attorney at the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy working in the Immigrant Justice Program.

Vega is the daughter of a first-generation immigrant family. Vega’s upbringings inspired her to attend law school. Vega attended Charlotte School of Law and has been a licensed attorney in North Carolina since 2019. Before joining the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, Vega was employed at the Immigration Project, a non-profit in Illinois, as an immigration attorney. Vega zealously represented clients both in Immigration Court and with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Vega’s legal practice is centered on serving clients with a wide range of immigration and family law matters. Vega works for the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy because of her desire to ardently advocate for and meet the legal needs of immigrants in our community. Vega’s hobbies outside of the office include exercising, cooking, and spending time with her family.