Jean Pudlo

Jean assumed her role as Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy’s Interim Executive Director on April 11, 2022. She comes to the Advocacy Center with experience working with over 50 nonprofits in her 30+ year career as a leader and a consultant. 

As an Interim Executive Director Jean enters an organization and facilitates increased understanding of the opportunities to make the organization stronger.  “I have been able to learn deeply about the Advocacy Center in March, and have deep respect for the unique and broad contributions the organization has made to the Charlotte community and the state.  The impact of helping many individuals with the legal work necessary to get out of poverty is multiplied so many times by the effective advocacy for systemic change – over years.  It is important that this work continues and grows.”

Jean has served as Interim Director three times in her career as a nonprofit leader and consultant. Jean founded and led an adult literacy nonprofit in Greensboro, and led other organizations through growth and change.  “Change after a strong, longtime leader can be difficult for an organization. I hope to maintain a sense of stability at the Advocacy Center, and assure the staff and community that a different leader can be ok for an organization.  Most importantly, I will work to ensure that the high-quality work of the agency continues and help to prepare for a new permanent leader.”