Emon Northe

Attorney, Veterans Legal Services Project, Family Support and Health Care

Emon Northe is an attorney and Veterans Legal Services Unit Manager at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy. 

Before joining Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, Northe attended University of North Carolina School of Law where she worked in the school’s Veterans Legal Services Project and interned at Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Pittsboro office assisting with domestic violence cases. After successfully advising and representing clients on veterans’ issues as well as domestic violence issues, Northe now advises veterans on discharge upgrade claims, VA benefits issues, and public benefit eligibility. Additionally, Northe advises the general population on public benefit eligibility. Northe earned her B.A. in English from UNC-Chapel Hill. 

“I work for Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy to ensure that I advocate for people like me and my family. My upbringing inspired me to attend law school. At six months old, my father was an assault victim. The assault left my father with a severe traumatic brain injury. With the help of Legal Aid, my paternal grandmother gained custody of me. My paternal grandmother raised me as her own while also caring for my father. Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy breaks barriers so that individuals can receive services needed to survive such as Medicaid, TANF, Social Security benefits, and much more. It was these very services that allowed me to be who I am today. Shortly before starting at the firm, my father passed away. There is no better way for me to show my gratitude to my grandmother, and honor my father’s legacy, than to be employed at a firm that allows me to do this work. Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy encompasses everything that I am, and I could not be any prouder to work here.”