Cara Meyer

Health Insurance Navigator, Family Support and Health Care

Cara Meyer is a Health Insurance Navigator at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy working in the Family Support and Health Care Program. 

Before joining Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, Meyer worked as a hospital medical biller. Meyer now assists consumers on how to navigate through the confusing world of health insurance. Not only does she help individuals find the best health insurance options, but she also links individuals with other resources in the community. 

Meyer earned her B.S. in psychology from Western Carolina University and is working toward her masters in social work from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

“I work at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy because of the services we offer our community. The commitment to advocacy for our community lines up directly with some of my passions in life. The work we do is unsurpassed, and I am proud to work with an organization who does what they can to help individuals meet their basic human needs of safety, security, and stability.”