North Carolina Extra Credit Grants: FAQs

In early September, the North Carolina legislature passed the most recent coronavirus relief act. According to this act, most North Carolina parents will receive checks for $335 from the state this fall. This payment is meant to offset costs from their children’s virtual learning during the pandemic. Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the payments:

What are the conditions to receive the $335 payment?

An individual must meet three requirements to receive the payment:

  • You or your spouse (if filing jointly) filed or will file your state tax return on or by October 15th, 2020;
  • You or your spouse (if filing jointly) reported on your 2019 state tax return that you were a resident of North Carolina during the entire calendar year and;
  • You or your spouse (if filing jointly) reported at least one qualifying child.

If you meet these criteria the state will automatically send you the $335 payment by December 15th.

Can my spouse and I each receive a check if we filed jointly?

No. The grant is for eligible individuals who have at least one qualifying child. That means if you and your spouse filed jointly, you count as one individual.

Do I receive a payment per child?

No. This is a one-time payment per eligible taxpayer or jointly filing taxpayers. If you have more than one child, you will still only receive one $335 payment.

I did not make enough money to file taxes last year. Can I still receive the $335 payment?

Yes, but you have to apply for it by October 15, 2020. The North Carolina Department of Revenue is still working out setting up the online portal for applying. It will be posted online at “as soon as possible,” and in enough time to apply before the October 15th deadline.

You must still meet the other above conditions to receive the payment if you did not pay 2019 state taxes.

When will I receive my $335 payment?

No later than December 15th.  The law also allows the state to send the money as a direct deposit into the same account that your state tax refund went to.

More Questions?

Anyone with questions about how to get their payment or any other tax issues can contact our N.C. Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic by calling 980-202-7329 or filling out an online assistance request.